The Different Kuwait Visa Types

Visit Visa

Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain are allowed to enter and live in Kuwait without the need of major formalities or requirements. The State of Kuwait grants entry to 34 nationalities upon arrival to the country. According to the Ministry of Interior, the 34 nationals are as follows:

1. USA

13. Switzerland

25. Iceland

2. UK

14. Austria

26. Andorra

3. Italy

15. Sweden

27. San Marino

4. France

16. Norway

28. Liechtenstein

5. Canada

17. Denmark

29. Brunei

6. Germany

18. Portugal

30. Singapore

7. Austria

19. Ireland

31. Malaysia

8. New Zealand

20. Greece

32. Hong Kong

9. Japan

21. Finland

33. South Korea

10. Netherlands

22. Spain

34. China

11. Belgium

23. Monaco

12. Luxembourg

24. Vatican


The Kuwait Airways offices also allow other countries to obtain visas. It has an online facility to accept the visa through an authorization issued by the Ministry of Interior. However, nationals of countries not listed above are subject to strict rules and regulations of registration and entry.

Visit Visas and other entry permits have 90 days validity from the date of issuance. The stay is only for 30 days upon entry to the country. As for Visit Sponsorship Visas, a citizen or company in Kuwait must present a sponsorship letter for it to be valid.

Although Kuwait Visit Visas do not require a fee for the entry permits, an applicant is required to pay 3 KD for the visa.


For a relative, the resident foreigner must produce the following requirements:

    • Authentic proof of family relationship
    • Salary certificate from sponsor’s employer
    • In case of private sector employees, an original and copy of sponsor’s work permit
    • Sponsor’s civil ID (original and copy of the ID)
    • Sponsor’s passport (original and copy of the passport)
    • Copy of visitor’s passport
    • A security form completed by the sponsor
    • Completed visa application

An allowance of two working days is required before one can receive a visit visa. Authorized hotels can likewise process a visit visa; however, it is only allowed for business purposes and it normally takes a week to be issued.

Kuwait Visit Visa Extension

If you are a Kuwait visit visa holder and you want to extend your stay, the cost is about 10 KD per day. It is important that you pay the fee for your extended stay since you will not be allowed to leave the country if you still have remaining fines. Do note that fines should not be paid at the Kuwait Airport. The Immigration Department in Shuwaikh has the vested jurisdiction to receive payments for the fines incurred.

As for expatriates, anyone can apply for a one-month extension. Before the expiration of the visa, he or she must submit an application to the Immigration Department.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is exclusively for leisure travel purposes such as cruising, sightseeing, vacationing, and for other recreational activities. To be eligible for the Kuwait eVisa application, the applicant is required to be a citizen of the above-cited countries. However, for GCC country nationals, they can enter Kuwait visa-free.

Before applying for a tourist visa, the applicant must have a valid passport as well as a valid e-mail address. For nationals of GCC states, the candidate will have to submit a scanned copy of his or her residency document.

The processing time for the Kuwait Tourist Visa is between one to three business days. Once your application is approved, the Kuwait Visa Office will send you an email concerning your visa application. It will save you the hassle of going to the consulate or embassy to submit a visa application. The Kuwait Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa which allows visitors to spend up to 90 days in Kuwait.

Business Visa

A business visa is needed if, during a stay, the visitor plans to perform commercial or business activities. This type of visa is not issued to visitors who are regularly paid or who receive income for the work performed by a company in Kuwait. Instances such as this will require a work visa.


    • Completed Visa Application Form
    • Security form by sponsor
    • Copy of visitor’s passport
    • Copy of sponsor’s signature (registered for business purposes)
    • Copy of the letter of invitation from sponsor

Multiple Entry Visa

This type of visa allows holders to visit the State of Kuwait for numerous times within one year. It is specifically available for businesses when permitted by the Ministry of Interior.

The grant on multiple entry visas also include learners or students from other countries. It is only applicable to those who want to complete their studies in Kuwait’s private universities. This grant is in accordance with the applied mechanism to invite, attract, and encourage students from other countries to boost Kuwait’s national economy.

Unlike most Western countries, American citizens can obtain this type of visa with a validity of ten years.

Transit Visa

A transit visa can be obtained from any Port Authority and Consulate in Kuwait. It has a seven-day validity and requires that the applicant must hold a confirmed onward ticket and visa.

Eligible candidates are required to complete the application form with their personal information and produce their valid passport information and travel document. Once the Kuwait Transit Visa is issued, it is valid for 90 days from date of issuance.

For an applicant to obtain this type of visa, he or she must have a valid visa for the next country of visit. For international truck drivers, they are required to obtain multiple Kuwait transit visas.

Employment Visa

Residence permits and Employment Visas are granted under the Immigration Regulations: Article 18 for private sector employees and Article 17 for public sector employees. It can only be obtained after the acceptance of the employment offer.


    • Fingerprint and Security Clearance – Fingerprint Departments: Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Street, Al Gazali Street, Sharq, Ahmadi, Jahra, and Farwaniya
    • Other necessary documents such as good conduct certificate, medical certificate, etc.

Residence Visa

The residence visa has a five-year validity. The renewal process should be undertaken two weeks before the residence visa expires. Do note that the work permit must first be approved by the Labor Ministry before the renewal of a residence visa can be processed.


    • Passport Size Photographs
    • Security Clearance Certificate
    • Passport
    • NOC
    • Declaration on the Prescribed Work Permit

Extension of Residence Visa

As a general rule, a visa holder can be fined 10 KD per day after 30 days from the date of expiration. Until the fine has been paid, the holder will not be allowed to leave the country.

Before expiration of the visa, a foreigner is entitled to two one-month extensions on a temporary residence visa or visit visa.

Domestic Servants Visa

This type of visa is issued to full-time servants of a resident expatriate coming from other countries, since they usually allow hiring a helper outside of Kuwait. The expatriate is the sponsor for the Domestic Servants Visa, aka Visa 20.

Documents Required:

    • Approval of the Domestic Servant Visa
    • Servant’s work contract (Photocopy)
    • Servant’s passport plus eight passport sized photos (Photocopy)
    • Sponsor’s and wife’s civil ID (Photocopy)
    • Proof of ages of children (photocopy of local birth certificates or passport)
    • Sponsor’s and wife’s passport (Photocopy)
    • House rental agreement (Photocopy)
    • Salary certificates of sponsor and wife


    • A male sponsor must have a wife living with him if the family decides to hire a female servant.
    • Domestic servant’s age limit is 20 to 50 years old.
    • Not applicable to immediate family members or relatives of any degree of consanguinity.

The Jawazaat in Shuwaikh has jurisdiction over this type of visa. Applications may be filed in the same office. Furthermore, domestic servants applying for this visa are required to pay a residence fee of about 200 KD for the first year. For each succeeding year they will only be required to pay 10 KD per year.

Entrance Visa

This type of visa is applicable to all joining providers of civil and government sector employees. The requirements needed are as follows:

    • Sponsor’s Civil ID
    • Work permit (minimum requirement for salary must be satisfied)
    • Proof of kinship document or attested marriage contract
    • Company license or contract
    • Salary certificate of government sector
    • A fixed fee of 3 KD is also required.

Exit Visa

Applicable only to expatriate employees of the Ministries and other government organizations.

General Visa

Visitors of the State of Kuwait are required to present a valid passport with available unused visa pages. The passport must be valid for a minimum of at least six months from application.


    • Visa application (complete in form)
    • Two passport photographs
    • Valid national passport (provide one copy)
    • Valid resident visa (Original)
    • Confirmation letter from health insurance
    • Reference letter from employer (For employment Visa)
    • Reference Letter from Educational Institution (For Student Visa)

Other requirements for specific visas are provided in the Types of Visa section.